Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sample Sunday: ARRANGED

Hey guys! It's Sara, with a steamy sample for you guys from my upcoming New Adult Contemporary Romance, ARRANGED. Enjoy!

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I get changed – Grace’s pajamas almost too small. I shuffle to the bathroom, trying to stay quiet so I don’t bug anyone. I reach for the door handle just as someone opens it. Steam pours out and Lee stands in the doorway, towel wrapped around his waist and bronze chest bare. His wet hair hangs in his surprised eyes.  
“Geez, what is this – the second time you’ve seen me naked? Do you have special sensing whiskers for this shit or something?” He asks.
I glue my eyes to the ceiling. “Sorry. Um. I just wanted to brush my teeth.”
“Apology not accepted.” He leans in, so close I can see the water droplets stuck on his chest. I’m suddenly hyper aware of the way Grace’s pajamas don’t cover all of my stomach and legs. I hadn’t noticed it the first time we ran into each other – literally – but his physique isn’t bulky at all. He has broad shoulders but a narrow waist tapering into his towel. His arm and stomach muscles have the barest definition. His skin is dusky and the skin hairs light, surprisingly light for how dark his head hair is. He has a small mole on his neck and for some reason that snaps me back to reality – he’s a real, breathing person and I’m standing here gawking and making a fool of myself.
“I just, if you’re done, I need to –” I try to squeeze around him, but he blocks the door with his body.
“Need to what?”
“Please move!”
He smiles and leans closer. “That’s more like it. Using your words and asking for what you want clearly is always a good thing.”
His heat engulfs me, and I feel hesitant featherlight touches on the back of my neck as his hand ghosts up it. I jerk away.
“Don’t play me like this.”
“Play you like what?”
“Trying to get me in your bed won’t make me like you.”
“I could probably change your mind about that once we’re in it.” He grins.
“I won’t marry you, ever,” I hiss. “And I won’t let you toy with me just so you can get that money.”
I dart into the steamy bathroom. When I hear him walk down the hall and go into his room I breathe a sigh of relief. That was too close. My hands and heart are trembling, and I feel like I’m running a fever. I brush my teeth and stare at my reflection. I’m nothing special. Nothing compared to the sorority girls he probably sleeps with. There’s no way he’s attracted to me. He doesn’t even know me that well. So he has to be playing me, toying with me for the money.
I feel sick.

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