Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ARRANGED Signed Ebook giveaway - WINNERS!

WOW. Thank you guys so much for participating in my giveaway - we got a whopping 412 total entries! You guys are the greatest and most supportive lovelies. <3 So a big thank you to everyone who entered and double thank you if you spread the word!!

I've chosen the winners with, and here they are!

1. Jen B.
2. Kathy K.P.
3. Anallely M.
4. Robin Mit.
5. April T.
6. Santy A.
7. Tamara D.
8. Katherine B.
9. Clista S.
10. Kelly K.T.
11. Jennifer B.
12. Lily T.
13. Diana C.
14. Dawn M.
15. Jane C.


Please send me an email at within 24 hours, and I will respond with your prize!